December 10, 2023

Joe Biden: A successful medical exam |  Gala

Joe Biden: A successful medical exam | Gala

Joe Biden
Successful health check up

Joe Biden’s doctor describes him as “energetic and energetic.”

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Joe Biden celebrates his 79th birthday on Saturday. The day before, he underwent a medical examination.

US President Joe Biden, 79, is in good health. show it Results His routine health check released by the White House on Friday (November 19). The examination took place on the same day at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

Biden, who will celebrate his 79th birthday on November 20, is described as an “energetic and energetic 78-year-old” fit enough to “successfully carry out the duties of the presidency.” His healthy lifestyle certainly plays a major role in this: Dr. Kevin O’Connor noted in his findings report that Biden does not smoke, drink or exercise at least five times a week.

Special post for Kamala Harris

The report also mentioned mostly positive results of various tests, including colonoscopy. Because the 79-year-old was under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure, he temporarily transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris (57). However, some complaints were noted with the oldest president in US history.

According to the report, Biden’s increased throat clearing and coughing in general manifestations are not caused by a serious health problem. Reflux disease accompanied by heartburn can be one of the causes. Biden also suffers from allergies and arthritis; His stiff gait is the result of a mild nervous condition in his feet and a foot injury he sustained a year ago.


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