Jiushark JF19 is said to cool 265W with two fans

from Valentine Sattler
In China, Jiushark JF19 is an unusual top blower based on huge dimensions and two 120mm fans. However, it is questionable how useful this design would be.

If you want to keep your processor at the right temperature with air cooling, you can choose from several designs. Overhead blowers sit directly above the CPU and blow air toward the main board, while in tower coolers the cooler sits farther from the CPU and air is directed parallel to the board. Both designs have their advantages and disadvantages, which are specifically related to the available space: the overhead blowers are usually smaller, otherwise they may collide with the components on the main board.

Overhead blowers are large in size

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, such as the Jiushark JF19 cooler. This model offered in China relies on a dual-fan overhead blower design: the massive radiator with dimensions of 241x121x92mm rests large parts of the mainboard, with two 120mm fans meant to blow onto the circuit board. The JF19 is more like a GPU than a CPU cooler.

However, the JF19 can’t completely avoid the space issue above the main board, and so there is a convenient drawing from the manufacturer showing the maximum height the components on the main board can reach. This can become critical, especially with high-end boards with taller chassis, and connecting cables or RAM rails is made more difficult by the cooler.

Jiushark JF19 towers over large parts of the motherboard.
source: IT home page

The cooler is also available in white.

The cooler is also available in white.
source: IT home page

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If aggregation is possible, the JF19 with two fans and seven heatpipes is said to be able to cool processors with a TDP of 265W. Intel Core i9-11900K is mentioned here as a comparison value, which can apparently hold at 85C with a 217W TDP.

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Of course, the manufacturer’s information must be treated with great caution, especially since the size must also be decisive in this context. Most customers should be better off with an ordinary tower or top blower cooler than with such an exotic. This also applies because the JF19 is not even offered in this country: it can only be imported from China, where it is currently offered for the equivalent of around 37 euros.

source: Dinar / IT home page via wccftech

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