Jiu Jitsu – Carter Festival

Lisa Foreman has done it again. On Sunday, the Wallerin-born celebrated her second consecutive European Under-21 title in the weight category up to 63 kilograms. The 20-year-old got off to a good start in Heraklion (Greece) in her first fight against local champion Evangelia Kalitsunaki and won with a clear 19:6 ratio. The Greek had previously surprisingly eliminated Foreman’s biggest opponent, Ella Jacobsen. Foreman continued in the same key, swept Tanesha Bars of the Netherlands from the carpet without losing a point. In the final, she overcame her Spanish opponent, Natalia Rodriguez, 15: 4 and won the title in a sovereign way. “I never felt Lisa was in trouble,” says father and coach Ferdinand Fuhrmann of BVZ. His daughter was relieved after her victory: “It was nice to see that I was able to assert myself again. This gives me self-confidence for the upcoming competitions.”

The confidence Foreman would need. Her last European Championships were in the under-21s, and at the end of April she will compete in the general category at the Paris Open.

“It’s a lot more difficult for the adults, but to have a medal would be great,” Foreman says. The Wallerin native proved last year that she in no way presents her older rivals with insurmountable tasks, when she immediately won a bronze medal in her first World Championship appearance.

Foreman would like to ensure a similar feel at the World Games in the US in July. Because jiu-jitsu is not an Olympic sport, says Father Ferdinand, a victory in this competition would equate to an Olympic victory. Before crossing the big pond, Lisa will compete in the European Championships in the Year category in May.

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Gold for Fuhrmann and silver for Blauwish

Julia Blauich of Bruckneudorf also managed to celebrate a medal over the weekend. The reigning junior world champion qualified for the final in the weight category up to 70 kg with a slim victory over Slovenian Kostangsek, but had no chance against Sweden’s Emma Litt and lost consecutively by 0:14.

The Bauer brothers of Halbturn ended up out of the medal ranks when they competed. Twins Alexander and Lucas finished ninth in their weight classes in the Under-21s, as did their younger brother David in the Under-18s.

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