Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield create scary feelings

Fortnite is drawing attention to itself with a new crossover game. On Halloween, they’re joined by Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine visit Fortnite.

The basics in brief

  • Also this Halloween, the makers of Fortnite have created something for Halloween.
  • In the crossover “Resident Evil”, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield play the title role.

“This is it Halloween… » Shortly before the horrific holiday of the year, Epic Games announced a new crossover game to play Battle Royale Fortnite for free. And not just any crossover, But on the contrary!

In keeping with the occasion, Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are paying a visit to Fortnite. “After surviving the many horror situations at Spencer Palace, Looking for veterans The elite STARS unit is now back on the island.”

The two characters from the horror game leave nothing to be desired in terms of fashion. Chris Redfield costume also includes the alternate style “Hound Wolf Team.” The style is inspired by his appearance in “Resident Evil Village.” On the other hand, Jill Valentine’s clothing features the additional style “Raccoon City”, which is based on “Resident Evil 2”.

But this was by no means all – the rear accessories “Grünes Kraut” and “typewriter” are also new. which – which”Green color Kraut’ is also available in ‘Red Herb’ and ‘Blue Herb’ alternate styles. Apart from that, there are now also ‘Hot Dogger’ and ‘Electric Stick’ axes. And of course you shouldn’t miss a new expression with the legendary canopy.

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