December 10, 2023

Jets wake up late against the Atlanta Falcons

Jets wake up late against the Atlanta Falcons

MUNICH – More than 62,000 football fans from Great Britain, Germany and all over Europe made the pilgrimage to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday to watch their first game in London in two years.

The game between the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons no longer promises top-tier names in the league beforehand, but should at least provide amazing points and plays. The particularly tight Kyle Pitts caused a stir with his one-handed hold and his first career landing.

Overall, it was the Atlanta Falcons that dominated the game from the start. While Matt Ryan scored early on the scoreboard with a field goal and two touchdowns from Bates and Hayden Hurst, the Jets had to warm up first.

NFL London game: Zach Wilson weakens again

Particularly rookie midfielder Zach Wilson was initially weak and allowed himself to be intercepted as well as only inaccurate and short passes. It wasn’t until the second half when Jang Green got up and cut the 0:17 timer to 17:20 thanks to two touchdowns by running backs Ty Johnson and Michael Carter.

It shouldn’t have been more exciting, however, as the Falcons earned significant yards, minutes and relegation to the two-score game mainly through Cordarrelle Patterson.

The Jets’ last field goal with an unsuccessful side kick resulted in the final score of 27:20. Atlanta improved to 2-3. On the other hand, Gates cannot build on his first win of the season and continue to lift the back of the East Asian region with a 1-4 score.

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