May 23, 2024

Jeopardy! remake: Ruth Moschner to moderate - Entertainment

Jeopardy! remake: Ruth Moschner to moderate – Entertainment

Ruth Moschner has a new job at Sat.1. Image: Imago Pictures/Image of the Future

Starting in 2023, Saturday 1 will revive an old classic. “Risk!” Returns to German television screens. A mediator has already been found: Ruth Moschner will lead the new edition.

SATURDAY 1 Never gets tired of bringing old TV classics back to life. Of course, “Danger!” Not missing. The quiz is set to start again in early 2023. It’s already clear who’s going to adjust the whole thing. Ruth Moschner, 46, will lead during the new edition of Prime Time, the broadcaster announced.

Filming “Jeopardy!” Start in December

“Risk!” is part of Saturday’s 1 Weeks Worship Shows, which are set to begin in early 2023. In addition to the audition format, “Pyramid” and “The Dating Game – Who Should Be Your Sweetheart?” return. Recordings of “Danger!” It will be held in Kowloon from December 8th.

In the United States, “Danger!” The first successes in the sixties. In 1990 it finally reached Germany and was played there on the private radio station RTL. From 1994 to 1998, TV legend Frank Elstner (80) ran the show. Joke format: Candidates do not have to answer any questions, but questions must be given to the answers given.

These classics are back, too

Saturday 1 October announced that it will revive the legendary show classics. “On a four-week event programme,” the shows will be shown “in slightly updated prime-time versions,” Daniel Rosman, 42, SAT1’s president, explained at the time.

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“Pyramid” was first broadcast in 1979 with Dieter Thomas Heck (1937-2018) as moderator, and the show finally ended in 1994. The new version will be filmed in Cologne from December 2nd. Jörg Bilawa (57) appears as mediator. Each guessing team consists of a nominee and a celebrity. Your task is to “describe and guess terms, ideas and proverbs in the shortest possible time”, It says on the production company’s website.

In “Dating Games – Who Should You Be My Girlfriend?” It’s clearly a remake of the original German dating show Herzblatt, which premiered between 1987 and 2005. Three candidates try to impress a single guy on the other side of the wall. Here too, Jörg Bielawa leads the Saturday 1. From December 16th he will be available for dating format Filmed in Cologne.