Italy: Killer Bear Gaia is allowed to live thanks to Animal Welfare


Killer Bear Gaia is allowed to live thanks to Animal Welfare

An Italian man was killed by a female bear just 40 kilometers from the Swiss border. Now a court in Trento has decided that she can live.


Bear JJ4, named “Gaia”, is allowed to live. So decided a court in Trento. Here in an archive photo from 2020.

Province of Autonuma di Trento

  • A female jogging bear was killed in northern Italy last week.

  • Gaia Bear is the sister of Trouble Bear Bruno.

  • A court in Trento has now ruled in favor of the bear.

The decision has been made. An Italian court has ruled that the 17-year-old girl, Gaia, is allowed to live. It will not be brought down by the authorities, Bild writes. Thus, the court responded to an objection from the Animal Welfare and Anti-Hunting Society.

As it turned out after a DNA comparison, the bear is the sister of the man who was injured in Bavaria in 2006 Bruno “take the trouble”. The bear bears the symbol JJ4 and is christened with the name Gaia.

Last Wednesday, tragedy struck in Val di Sole, in northern Italy: Andrea P. The 26-year-old is a jogger — and she wasn’t supposed to go back. His body, including a canine unit, was found by Italian police on Wednesday evening. It soon became clear that the young Italian was from A.S The bears were killed – Or she’s a bear.


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