March 3, 2024

Italy and Saudi Arabia: World Cup 2030 with hosts?  - football

Italy and Saudi Arabia: World Cup 2030 with hosts? – football

Will the European champions attack the 2030 World Cup in their countries? © APA / afp / LAURENCE GRIFFITHS

According to consistent media reports, Saudi Arabia should strive to host the 2030 World Cup alongside Italy.

Co-hosting a major football event like the European Cup or the World Cup has long been a taboo. Especially in light of the anticipated increase to 48 teams and a total of 80 games in 2026 and the financial hurdles associated with it, these concerns make perfect sense. The 2026 World Championships, the loads of which will be shared between Mexico, Canada and the United States, is a case in point.

After yesterday’s announcement of Italy’s interest in hosting the 2028 European Championship or the 2030 World Cup in its country, the potential host partner of the European champion is now up for discussion. According to the British sports method the athlete Saudi Arabia is said to have expressed interest in cooperating with Italy.

To date, several options have already been analyzed. For example, Egypt and Morocco have been identified as potential partners. Such a move would make geographical sense and link the African and Asian football federations together, but the infrastructure requirements are too high for the two countries to host such a major event.

Old business partners

Accordingly, interaction with a European football country such as Italy would be more financially feasible. Italy has already hosted four tournaments in its history, but the last was more than 30 years ago with the 1990 World Cup. Especially the landscape of the Italian stadium will have to be renovated for a possible World Cup. Here, the Saudi investment on offer comes into play, which will be in the room in the event of a potential collaboration.

Italy and Saudi Arabia are already working together in the world of football. For example, the annual Italian Supercoppa is already held in Saudi regions. It remains to be seen if the two countries will really cooperate. “Let’s try the euro first, then we will think of the other,” FIGC President Gravina announced on Thursday.

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