June 21, 2024

It will only be launched in 2025 and has a new AI interface

Since the Nothing Phone (2) was released in July 2023, we assumed that the Nothing Phone (3) would also launch in the summer. However, Nothing founder Carl Pei has now confirmed that we will have to wait a little longer.

in video Bai talks about current developments in artificial intelligence and how it can be integrated into consumer electronics. Companies like Humane or Rabbit are trying to make smartphones obsolete and replace them with Ai Pin or Rabbit R1 – which is relatively unrealistic. Currently, more than one billion smartphones are sold every year.

Control applications using artificial intelligence

However, as Pei correctly points out, the smartphone has changed little over the past 10 years. The next step in this area will be to pull “ordinary” applications towards a personalized interface controlled by artificial intelligence. Rabbit is currently trying to do exactly that with the R1: moving away from standard apps and toward voice-activated or text-based control for social media, music streaming, or, say, food delivery services.

New interface

“AI interactions” that are not currently being developed are also intended to be in this context. It aims to enable the user to interact personally with his smartphones. For example, it is not shown in a video that the AI ​​automatically presents the user with an airport check-in QR code on the home screen, which it previously found in the booking documents.

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Artificial intelligence voice assistant

In addition to automated functions to make everyday life easier, there will also be a new personalized “companion” that users can configure independently. In the video, “Oliver” is a funny, thoughtful, and humorous chatbot that aims to perform a similar function to current voice assistants on smartphones, but can also be used outside of these “simple” tasks. For example, it should be possible to place it on the home screen or lock screen, but at the same time it can also interact with the user via the atypical Glyph interface. Oliver is very reminiscent of the new language model introduced with GPT-4o.

None OS
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Features have not been finalized yet

The functionality shown in the video is still in the prototype stage, but should be officially available next year, along with the Nothing Phone (3). What do you think about seeing nothingness? So is deeper integration of AI and the resulting personalized viewing and browsing of content an interesting step, or will mainstream apps continue to shape the “smartphone” landscape in the coming years?

Own opinion

I think nothing is taking a very bold but interesting step in the right direction here. Seamless integration of applications into the operating system and AI-powered control of these applications can significantly change and potentially improve interaction with the smartphone. We can already see from the example of Humane AI Pin and Rabbit R1 that many companies are thinking in this direction. However, implementing such an idea would be difficult, and even with the Nothing Phone (3), it would still be far from being suitable for everyday use.

Max Jambor


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