February 22, 2024

“It will increase trade”: Emirates Airlines postpones the weekend

“will pay the trade”
Emirates Airlines postpones the weekend

The weekend does not move from Saturday to Sunday everywhere in the world. In the Gulf countries, for example, no work has been done on Friday yet, but on Sunday. That must change.

In the UAE, the authorities and state-owned companies will have a new working week in the future. Saturday and Sunday will be out of business. This, she said, should bring better business hours with the rest of the world. In addition, the work-life balance as well as the country’s economic competitiveness will be improved.

Therefore, the government introduces a four-and-a-half-day week from the first of January next year. Friday will be half a working day. This allows Muslims to understand the important Friday prayer.

In the UAE and other Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the working week currently runs from Sunday to Thursday. It is not yet clear whether the private sector in the UAE will postpone the weekend. The country has taken several steps to open up its economy. This included selling shares in state-owned companies.

“This will bring the UAE in line with global markets and make it easier for international companies to do business there,” Bloomberg quoted Nabil Al-Yousef, president of a Dubai-based consultancy firm, as saying. “This will increase the number of days we can do business with the rest of the world. It will increase trade.”

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