It wasn’t quite decisive: Kai Noske became “Eleven”

Edemissen basketball player Kai Noske associates the best year of his life with the number 11. He spent it as an exchange student in the USA and of course he played his favorite sport at the local high school in Texas. By chance, the 34-year-old got his shirt number during this time – because he wasn’t quite as decisive.


“I stood there a long time ago and thought about it,” Kay Nosky recalls and laughs. It was about the number he wanted to wear on the team. “The others had been playing together since the fifth grade, so to speak. Everyone had their own number and also a certain relationship with it. Then there were 11 and 13 and any number is still free,” according to the Edemissener newspaper.

Stop and look. “The rest of them got impatient because they wanted to train,” says Nosky, who got No. 11 without further ado. He had no real relationship to this number, but his colleagues did it for him. In the school hall, one of his classmates spoke to him with “eleven” – that is, eleven. “So that was my nickname for the rest of the year.”

The high school basketball coach also called the Edemissener so. “It was because my name was too hard for him. Of course, Kai Nosky doesn’t sound like that American,” explains the 34-year-old, who likes to remember the time. He trained with his team ten times a week, twice a day. He finished the Noske and Co county league in first place and also came far in the playoffs. Since then, “Eleven” also wears the number 11 when looking for points for TSV Edemissen in the National League.

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