June 21, 2024

It may be an Ocon substitute in Canada

With Alpine falling far short of its own expectations this Formula 1 season, there is uneasiness in French carmaker Renault’s F1 racing team. In the middle is Esteban Ocon, who according to rumors is so popular that another driver will take the Frenchman’s cockpit in the upcoming race in Montreal. Now an insider has speculated on what it could be.

Esteban Ocon has a problem: the Frenchman has long been criticized as an F1 bully; The most recent negative highlight in this regard was the Monaco GP, where Ocon dared to maneuver against Pierre Gasly, in which the two Alpines collided.

The bombshell: Causley accused his team-mates of not following team instructions and said “the car behind should help throughout the race”, while Alpine team boss Bruno Famin expressed unease over his desire to “take drastic measures”.

The comment sparked rumors online, with some media outlets speculating that Ocon would be benched for next weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. A scenario not considered impossible.

But who will actually step into the cockpit for Ogun? Formula 1 insider Tom Clarkson has a guess.

The expert said on the “F1 Nation Podcast”: “There is a rumor going around that Jack Doohan could make his Grand Prix debut in Canada.”

Okan (left) can be replaced by Doohan (right).

The 22-year-old Australian, who is part of the Alpine youth program and has already been active in Formula 1 training for the racing team in the past, is currently being discussed, Clarkson continued.

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Doohan impresses the Alpine Formula 1 team

What Doohan speaks for: His uncompromising commitment to Alpine. “His commitment impressed the team,” the insider revealed, adding that Doohan traveled from France to England specifically around the Monaco GP to test the alpine settings in the simulator, then returned to the airport for the weekend. change

According to Clarkson, O’Conn doesn’t deserve to be benched. “But I think Jack Doohan has impressed the team. And when they think about what they want to do in the driver lineup for ’25, Jack is doing everything right to be at the top of the potential list.” he said.

Meanwhile, Ocon recently spoke out through social media.

“The false statements and gross distortions I’ve seen online in recent days about my ability to work with a team are false, hurtful and harmful,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“From my first lap in motorsport, I approached the sport with humility, professionalism and respect. These values ​​were instilled in me from a young age.” Whether this helps retain cockpit space remains to be seen.