July 15, 2024

It is clear that the American golf stars are on top against Europe

It is clear that the American golf stars are on top against Europe

sAfter the first day of the 43rd Ryder Cup at the Straits of Whistling Straits in Haven (Wisconsin), one thing is clear: Europe must make a massive comeback against Team USA in the greatest spectacle in golf. After the quartet, as the doubles are called in golf, the guests are late on Friday by 2: 6. He has led a team eleven times in the history of this prestigious duel, which has been held since 1927, and this result was on opening day – 11 times such progress was enough to win the cup.

For the first time since 2008, the Americans dominated the two “rounds” on the first of the three days in the classic quartet (each playing a ball in turns) and in the four-ball (each playing its own ball, the score better in each counted hole). The hosts showed themselves to be 3:1 in both the quartet and the classic quartet.

The superiority of “Team USA” is easy to explain: US captain Steve Stryker used all twelve players in the “two sessions” – everyone contributed superior leadership to the home team, and no one went away empty-handed. Ireland’s Euro captain Padraig Harrington also sent all of his men to the glorious field on Lake Michigan on Friday, but only world number one John Ram lived up to high expectations.

The 26-year-old Spaniard and compatriot Sergio Garcia won the opening match of the Classic Quartet against Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth 3 & 1 (won three more holes, one yet to be played). The 41-year-old Garcia increased his earning points account to 26 on his 10th use, the most a professional has won in this transatlantic duel. But this record improvement was one of the few positive results for the “Euro” on the first day. Because this Spanish success was the only one in the classic quartet, held in the morning in glorious late summer weather (up to 23 degrees).

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