July 15, 2024

It is clear that Team USA beat Team Europe

It is clear that Team USA beat Team Europe

NSs are verbs like that why Ryder Cup It is considered the greatest and most amazing sight in golf. On Saturday, Americans Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger reached their first starting point before kick-off for the afternoon’s four-ball games to stir up the atmosphere in the crowd even more. In addition to making gestures to make the constant shouts of “USA!, USA!” Louder, the “Team USA” member threw cans of beer into the audience.

Two Tin Rolls returned to the players. Fans immediately chanted “Chug, chug, chug!” (Drink! Example!). The two world class professionals didn’t take long to ask. They gave the fans their wish. The two can treat themselves to alcohol. First of all, they paused for the second “session” of the day – and there was also something for the home team to celebrate.

A clear win for Team USA

On Whistling Fjords in Haven (Wisconsin), after the first three rounds in the quad, the double version of golf, the hosts made a 9:3 lead, the most since 1979, since a European pick rather than Great Britain and Ireland compete against twelve of the best American professionals. When the four ball games ended in the evening, the Americans were leading 11:5.

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Mu. – the father. at 16:00.; Sa. – And therefore. 6 o’clock.


Never before in the history of this prestigious duel has a team been able to make up for this deficiency. The Americans made the biggest comeback so far in 1999 and the Europeans in 2012, each of whom turned a 6:10 deficit into a success. This was out of the question in 2021: in the end, the Americans had a historic success with a ratio of 19:9. It was the team’s final victory in the modern era of the Ryder Cup. The match winner was the only 24-year-old Colin Morikawa, who brought success to the US team early on Sunday with their singles draw against Norway’s Victor Hovland.

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