July 12, 2024

Israel: Five Rare Sand Cat Babies Born in |  free press

Israel: Five Rare Sand Cat Babies Born in | free press

A safari zoo near Tel Aviv is happy to breed sand cats. The guards discovered five cats with great enthusiasm.

Tel Aviv.

Five rare sand cats were born at the Israeli safari zoo near Tel Aviv. Zoo spokeswoman Sagit Horowitz said it is an endangered species of wild cat.

There are still less than 10,000 sand cats left in the wild worldwide. In Israel they are already extinct and can only be found in zoos.

The cat’s parents, Sabya and Ma’rib, came to Israel about two years ago from zoos in France and Sweden. But the offspring has been coming for a long time. At first, the two weren’t really warm with each other, the spokeswoman said, “but over time the relationship became closer and closer.”

A good month ago, the caregivers discovered the five cats at night places with great enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the juniors opened their eyes, became stronger and were already playing outside.

“In the future, the kittens will be brought to European zoos,” spokeswoman Horowitz said. It should also contribute to breeding there and “ensure the existence of this particular species”. (dpa)

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