Is the royal family bullying newcomers, especially women?

Is the royal family hard to break for newcomers? At least one relative is now painting this picture – thus strengthening Meghan’s back.

Duchess Meghan does not have a good reputation with the British people. And according to constant media reports and insider testimonies, there is an ice age between her and many members of the British royal family. In fact, the former “Suits” actress never made it to court before she resigned her royal duties with her husband Prince Harry and moved to the United States.

But is it up to Megan that she wasn’t fused properly? According to Christina Oxenberg, a third cousin of King Charles III, the problem is with the royal family. It is not easy to find a connection as a newcomer. The 59-year-old newspaper reported that it is particularly difficult for women who come as partners in court members.

Christina Oxenberg: The 59-year-old speaks from the Royal Sewing Box. (Source: Nils Jorgensen/i-Images)

“I would say to Meghan, ‘What you’re going through is a form of bullying,'” explains the writer, who has lived among the British royals for a number of years. It’s hard to be part of this family and only powerful people can take it.

It wasn’t easy for Kate either

But it’s not just the mother of two who feels this annoying side. “Nobody gets a free ride,” you know — not even Princess Kate gets one. Born Kate Middleton, the family mocked her when she was initially dubbed “Kate Middleton” in the media. “They thought it was funny,” Oxenberg said. “It shouldn’t be offensive, she is the future Queen of England after all.”

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