Is Olivia Rodrigo working on new music?

April 11, 2023 – Isabelle Faubenhorst

A photo suffices and the internet rumor mill is properly boosted. Will Olivia Rodrigo release new music soon? At least that’s what their fans want!

When will there finally be new music by Olivia Rodrigo? This question worries her fans all over the world, because some time has passed since the release of her first album, “Sur”. In 2021, this album turned the world of music upside down. The track “Drivers License” already achieved 1.5 million streams on Spotify the day it was released and has since become a heart-breaking hit. The song reached number one in the US, UK and Austria charts, and number two in Germany, but where’s the new music?

New music? remains a mystery now!

Charlie XCX’s photo is now fueling rumors about new music and collaborations. As the two singers pose for the photo, Olivia Rodrigo holds a guarantee to play. In the caption, Charlie XCX wrote, “When Sucker Sour Hit.” In the comments you can read: “We need cooperation” or “Tell her to go to the studio.” Olivia Rodrigo herself has yet to announce any new music. But the singer also posted a video of herself playing the piano on her Instagram a week ago. Of course, their fans also comment here: “We want new music.” But when that will happen is still a big mystery.

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