June 20, 2024

"Is it really April 1st?"  Forte rumor makes FCB fans fight for calm

“Is it really April 1st?” Forte rumor makes FCB fans fight for calm

FC Basel Deep in the crisis. Dependent Losing second place in the table In the Premier League and that Disaster in the Trophy against Winterthur It causes dissatisfaction. Also Captain Valentin Stocker suspended work Makes the red and blue fan beat pulse to 180: The news resulted in a massive rally with more than 1,000 fans last week.

despite everything: FCB’s board of directors, Bernhard Burgner, said he wanted to stick to Ciriaco Sforza and his promise of job security, he said last week. But a new rumor suggests a change of coach: Burgner was spotted with Olli Forte last week. It is rumored that the talks are taking place in the background.

“Are you still with solace?”

Although Sforza is not very popular with Bayern fans, this news causes disbelief. As comments from the Telebasel community show, there’s a big chunk against Uli Forte as a potential coach. “Horror,” “Are you still with solace?” , “From rain to friezes” or “after that you can keep Sforza on the spot,” they say.

Bayern fans are gradually losing their appetite, as shown by the comments. “If that happened, you wouldn’t see me on the field again. I haven’t seen more matches from FCB,” one user writes. He is not alone with this ad.

Another user wrote “If you thought it couldn’t get any worse”. Another user asks David DeGene, The right of pre-emption which is about to expire, To take advantage of.

Discussion about coach alternatives

Not much can resist the mockery: one user wrote: “This would be the perfect coach for FCB”. After all, he’s already in second place multiple times in the Premier League and he knows how to get out of the Challenge League, he says regarding the club’s current sporting performance.

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With the rumors, a discussion started in the community about who would be the right coach if the change were to happen. International nominees were named as Frank Lampard and Christian Vieri. A fan favorite is Lucien Favre of Valais, who last stood on the sidelines in Borussia Dortmund.

But many do not believe that Favre will, in fact, be a candidate for Burgner. The argument goes that it costs too much. Also hugely popular with Bayern fans is Christian Gross, who was recently fired from Schalke 04 training after a few weeks. Despite legendary times at Bayern, some fans are also skeptical of Gross. One user wrote, “It is no longer what it was before.”

“No problem with the coach.”

One commentator wrote on the Forte rumor: “Burgner really leaves nothing.” Many take the position with humor and throw names like Beatrice Egli or Christian Constantine as potential coaches. The FC Sion coach at least shows feelings for his club.

One user notes that the entire theater in the past few weeks may have been a go-and-ride for the past 20 years, when soccer club fans only laughed at other Swiss clubs.

There are a few voices that also speak out for Forte. In terms of genre, Forte would be much better than Sforza, for example, one commenter writes.

The frustration with the FCB leadership still persists in one way or another: “the head shaking continues,” one user comments. Other notes: “Regardless of who comes, the main problem is unfortunately not the coach.”

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The fans continued to protest against the club’s management on this basis. As reported by Radio Basilisk, fans are currently painting another example and flying red and blue flags across town.