December 2, 2023

Is coach Lüthi investing in a questionable takeover of the club?

Is coach Lüthi investing in a questionable takeover of the club?

Severin Loti (45 years old) has had a lot of experience as Roger Federer’s coach. Now he wants to invest in a tennis club in Bern – and faces fierce opposition.

The basics in brief

  • Together with other investors, Severin Lüthi wants to convert TC Neufeld into AG.
  • These plans cause fierce resistance in Bern’s traditional tennis club.
  • The city of Bern doesn’t consider switching to an AG a good idea either.

The members of TC Neufeld are currently playing in exile. The city of Bern is rebuilding the Bern Tennis Club grounds and a new facility is being built. This includes six standard places Also, an indoor pool and a new restaurant.

For Tom Comer (60) the moment to set the club’s structure. The club president has been in charge of the club since 2018 – and now wants to convert TC Neufeld into AG. To do this, he attracted prominent investors. to write «NZ on Sunday”.

Marc-André Cornu is the owner of “Roland Biscuit”, Rolf Huser is a well-known sports director (including Martina Hingis). And also Severin Luthi (45), coach Roger Federer, wants to invest in the project.

Specifically, the number of investors should be between 20,000 and 50,000 Franken Flip, there will be 82 percent of AG votes. This would make decision-making processes much shorter and the new infrastructure should be better served, according to the plan.

Resistance to AG plans in TC Neufeld

These plans were met with fierce opposition from the traditional club. The investors will decide everything, and the association members will have nothing else to say, so the interview.

On the other hand, the amount offered should be very low, members criticize”NZ On Sunday.” In addition, President Kummer is said to be a “good narrator” who leads the association “carelessly and inept in many areas.”

With “The Narrator,” the members may have been hinting at Tom Commer’s questionable past: in the 1990s, as a journalist in the United States, he gave interviews and reports that were fictitious. scandal.

Kumail is considered a notorious press forger. The NZ am Sonntag wrote: “He had several second chances, but once again gave the novel instead of the press.” He now publishes literature and was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize last year.

« Just everything Campaign! There are people for me – and some against me,” Comer told NZZaS. “The resistance has a lot to do with myself, I’m polarized by my past,” Comer continued. “If the working group doesn’t come, I can live with it.”

Severin Luthi will withdraw immediately

But the resistance exceeds TC Neufeld. The city of Bern doesn’t consider switching to an AG a good idea either. After all, the area is leased to a nonprofit association – not a joint stock company. Investor Rolf Hauser wants to keep the ball steady here, everything has been clarified legally.

And Severin Luthi? According to the newspaper, Roger Federer’s coach is surprised by the strong resistance. “If something isn’t right, I’ll quit immediately,” she says.

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