June 16, 2024

Is Call of Duty still coming to PlayStation?

Is Call of Duty still coming to PlayStation?

Call of Duty and Xbox are now owned by the same company. Are the latest games in the series even coming to Sony’s PlayStation?

The basics in brief

  • Activision and thus the Call of Duty series were purchased by Microsoft.
  • It is currently not clear if and how the title will be released for the PlayStation.
  • But in the short term, nothing is likely to change.

70 billion dollar She has Microsoft Well-known game manufacturer Let the cost of Activision Blizzard. There are currently only a few titles from Blizzard in particular being played on consoles.

Activision is different: Call of Duty in particular is one of the best-selling console games of every year.

But now a question arises: Will Microsoft bring such X-Box– Absolutely own the series for the rival PlayStation Sony?

Will Call of Duty be an Xbox exclusive?

can exclusively X-Box He promised a big raise. But it looks like PlayStation players aren’t going to leave empty-handed — at least in the short term.

X-Box– Chef Phil Spencer has been turned on Twitter He commented on the situation: “This week we spoke to leaders Sony On the phone. I stress that our goal is to honor all contracts after the acquisition. Our desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation.”

Clarity maybe in the summer

However, Spencer’s formulation is difficult to interpret. On the other hand, it is not clear what the contracts contain and how long they will last. On the other hand, he could also say that some Call of Duty is coming to Playstation: for example, half a year after the release on X-Box.

The first final information about the whereabouts of SonyThe console should be available later this summer. Then the latest Call of Duty release is usually announced. So far, it’s usually released in October or November.

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