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IRW-News: Versus Systems Inc: Versus Systems brought fans at home and on the field the best entertainment at the 2021 MLS All-Star Skills Challenge

IRW-PRESS: Versus Systems Inc: Versus Systems brought fans at home and on the field the best entertainment at the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge 2021
On Tuesday, August 24, Versus played on several sports channels with fan engagement technology and aroused excitement among the fans at Bank of California Stadium.

LOS ANGELES, August 25, 2021 – Versus Systems Inc. (Versus or the Company) (Nasdaq: VS) today announced that it will participate in the AT&T 5G MLS All-Star Skills Challenge 2021, which will take place on Tuesday, August 24. , 2021 at Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles, was responsible for crowd interaction on the field and at home. During the Skills Challenge, held the night before the MLS All-Star Game, the eight best MLS players competed with an eight-person team of top athletes from LIGA MX in five different field challenges, in which players tested their skills. The disciplines of Shooting, Touching, Crossing, Volleyball, Passing and Crossing are shown.

The skill challenge is broadcast on leading sports channels in the US, Canada and Latin America, namely FS1, TUDN (chased by 50% of US soccer fans) and ESPN in Latin American countries. An on-screen QR code allowed fans to access Versus’ XEO platform from their mobile devices and participate in a fan survey to support their favorites in MLS and LIGA MX. Interactive experiences for fans at Bank of California also included games such as skeeball and soccer shuffle.

We are delighted that we have been tasked with fan engagement live on the field for the MLS Skills Challenge 2021, where fans can watch live broadcasts of some of football’s biggest stars show off their phenomenal football skills. With this event, increased power testing between MLS and LIGA MX has been taken almost to the next level. It’s great that we’ve been able to demonstrate our first-class expertise on how to make events like this more entertaining and interactive for fans of MLS and LIGA MX,” says Matthew Pearce, founder and CEO of Versus Systems.

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About Versus Systems

Versus Systems Inc. By developing its own rewards and promotions engine that enables publishers, developers, producers of streaming media, live events, TV shows, games, apps and other content to offer real prizes within their content. The audience can choose from the prizes offered and then complete the challenges of the game or the app to win prizes. The Versus platform can be integrated with broadcast media, TV, mobile, console and PC games as well as mobile applications. For more information, please visit or the official Versus Systems YouTube channel.

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