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IRW-News: BevCanna Enterprises Inc. : BevCanna schließt nächsten Schritt der richtungsweisenden Akquisition der Naturo Group ab

IRW-News: Organic Garage Ltd .: “Organic Garage” completes the move to a decentralized sales model; Expect to save $ 1 million annually

IRW-PRESS: Organic Garage Ltd .: “Organic Garage” completes the shift to a decentralized sales model; Expect to save $ 1 million annually

Toronto, Canada, April 27, 2021: Organic Garage Ltd. (Organic Garage or Company) (TSXV: OG; FRA: 9CW1; OTCQX: OGGFF), Canada’s leading independent organic grocery, today announced that it has completed closing its distribution and storage facilities and is now fully decentralized.The sales model has been switched. It is expected that the cost savings resulting from the relocation process will be more than $ 1 million per year.

Organic Garage initially chose the hub-and-spoke model, with a central distribution facility serving stores to exert greater control over the supply chain, albeit at a substantial cost. After analyzing the costs of continuing to run the central sales model, it was determined that the savings were large enough to justify a move to a decentralized model. At the same time, the company has managed to negotiate preferential pricing and discount programs with its sales network, as it will now have a much larger volume, especially for brands previously purchased by Organic Garage directly from the manufacturers. In addition to the operational savings resulting from shifting the sales model, the company expects additional benefits in terms of gross margins, as it can use the logistics of its distributors at their own expense.

Simplicity and flexibility are factors that the company took into consideration before deciding to immigrate. The company has removed additional layers of complexity in its operations and now has the ability to explore expansion opportunities outside of the city center or the greater Toronto area, regardless of the logistical considerations associated with the central sales model.

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Matt Lowry, CEO of Organic Garage, explained the reasons for the shift to a decentralized sales model in an interview with Proactive Investors.

Matt Lowry, CEO of Organic Garage, said the big savings, and ultimately profits, of our business as a result of change are too big to ignore. It talks about the strength of our team at Organic Garage and the nature of the relationships we have with our distributors and suppliers that enable us to fully operate the sales and supply chain model amid major sales increases and the ongoing pandemic with minimal disruption to our operations to move.

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About Organic Garage Ltd.

Organic Garage (TSXV: OG) (FWB: 9CW1) (OTCQXL OGGFF) is one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocery vendors, providing customers with a wide range of healthy and natural products at affordable prices. The company’s stores are conveniently located and give customers a unique and value-oriented shopping experience when grocery shopping. Organic Garage was founded in 2005 by a fourth-generation grocery store and is headquartered in Toronto. The company’s goal is to expand its retail presence in the Greater Toronto Area. For more information, please visit Organic Garage at

For more information, please contact:

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