Iran: Hundreds of toxic attacks on girls’ schools


Mysterious incidents – Hundreds of poisonous attacks on girls’ schools

After several poisonings in girls’ schools in Iran, President Ebrahim Raisi intervened on Wednesday.


More than a hundred schoolgirls have been hospitalized due to, among other things, shortness of breath.

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  • Girls are frequently poisoned in Iranian schools.

  • The exact route of the toxic attacks and who was responsible for them has not yet been clarified.

  • 1200 schoolgirls were treated for shortness of breath.

After numerous poisonings Girls’ schools in Iran President Ibrahim Raisi intervened on Wednesday. On his website, he announced that Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi will henceforth continuously provide information about the status of the investigation into mysterious incidents. She added that he had entrusted Wahidi with her to “assuage the fears of the relatives.”

On Wednesday, Iranian media reported new poisoning attacks in a total of ten girls’ schools, seven of them in the northwestern city of Ardabil and three in the capital, Tehran. More than 100 students have been hospitalized.

The author of the toxic attacks is not yet known

About three months ago, there were reports of cases of poisoning in girls’ schools in Iran, which the authorities suspect is an attempt to exclude girls from education. The exact route of the toxic attacks and who was responsible for them has not yet been clarified.

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An Iranian member of parliament reported, on Wednesday, that nearly 1,200 schoolgirls with shortness of breath were referred to a doctor, 800 of them from poisoning alone in the city of Qom, south of Tehran. The materials used against the girls in Qom appear to contain traces of nitrogen.

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