iPhone and Apple Card Upgrade Program Caused iPhone 13 Pre-Order Problems

Apple Card fails as payment method for some customers trying to pre-order iPhone 13 From the Apple website exacerbated by problems with Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program.

Customers calling AppleInsider, their representative, and some VoIP users have had problems using it Apple Card When ordering iPhone 13. An unknown error occurred on the Apple Store payment page, prompting customers to choose another payment method.

Some people have reported trying to use the card multiple times during checkout, although each time an error occurs. Unfortunately, either way, the only solution seems to be to use a different card and avoid the 3% cashback on an Apple product purchase.

In particular, it appears that customers cannot use Apple Card as a payment method for the iPhone Upgrade Program. Other purchases made with the Apple Card are currently being processed so it appears to be an issue that Apple is working on.

Pre-ordering an iPhone is always a hectic process as everyone tries to get their orders as soon as possible to avoid late shipping times. Unfortunately, this problem with the Apple Card creates additional frustration, especially for those who do not have other payment methods ready for an expensive purchase.

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