iOS 15: Copy text, photos, and more between apps using drag and drop

With iOS 15, you will be able to easily move text, images, documents, links, and more between apps. Data can be selected using drag and drop, and other applications can be opened and dragged to it.

And everything works like this: just hold down to select your text, image, file, or the like for a little longer. Then the document hovers over the screen and you can use the other hand and hold the file to launch the iPhone and open other apps. You can now drag the selection or file to other apps, then edit and insert it at this point.

Important to know: data is copied, not transmitted. The original file always remains in place.

Drag and drop in iOS 15 works really well and is really useful: for example, you can quickly and easily save text from a website into a note, drag it to an email, or forward it via a message. And you can select not only one choice, but also several choices. So you can copy many images, many text snippets, and many documents at the same time and transfer them to other applications.

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