March 1, 2024

IOS 14.6 Beta 1 indicated support for Apple Music HiFi with Dolby Audio References

IOS 14.6 Beta 1 indicated support for Apple Music HiFi with Dolby Audio References

In an interesting report today, it was mentioned that Apple is working on a HiFi plan for Apple Music. While the report itself does not contain much evidence, 9to5Mac A code was found in iOS 14.6 indicating support for HiFi songs that will be available for Apple Music in the future.

The original report says so Apple is expected to announce HiFi support for Apple Music In the coming weeks, it will also be announced that it costs $ 9.99 a month like the regular subscription – indicating that Apple is not charging any extra for its HiFi tariff.

9to5Mac It can now be confirmed that the HiFi plan has already reached Apple Music. In the first beta version of iOS 14.6, which was released to developers last week, a new icon was added to the music app that specifically mentions “Dolby Atmos”, “Dolby Audio” and “Lossless”. Although Apple’s HiFi ALAC audio codec is supported, the Music app has never supported Dolby Atmos or Dolby Audio.

But the most interesting thing is that these references were only included in the beta version of iOS 14.6. We also examined the internal files for iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.5 iOS 14.6 beta 2 (Released this week) But icons are not present. This indicates that the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio signals are already associated with something new that Apple is trying to hide from us.

To strangers, HiFi songs have lower sound pressure levels, which means they sound better with more detail. TIDAL, for example, has long been known for offering a HiFi plan over the Spotify recently announced A version with access to HiFi songs is also working on it. However, Apple Music currently only offers songs that use the AAC codec at 256kbps transfer rate.

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IOS 14.6 should also allow for paid subscriptions to the Podcasts app, which was announced at Apple’s special event in April. The company says this new podcast feature will be available to users in May. So we expect a public release of iOS 14.6 later this month – confirmation of the Apple Music HiFi report.

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