December 10, 2023

Der Landbote

Interview with the President of the Ice Hockey Federation – “We play playoffs at stadiums that are out of stock”

“We are playing the playoffs in stadiums that are out of stock.”

Full fan curves like here on December 20, 2021 in Freiburg: this is how it should look in the qualifiers.

How do you feel about your cell phone these days?

Actually it’s no different than usual, we’ve been in a crisis for two years now. Of course, it’s crazy that we have to constantly cancel games. But sport is just a reflection of society, it affects everyone.

There was no match at all on Tuesday. Does it make sense to keep trying for now?

It sure makes sense! We have to continue the game. Sportively as well as economically. A break would be fatal. We still have to train, especially since the national team will travel to the Olympics in four weeks. We can’t just pull the plug. We have economic obligations to audiences, sponsors, and the media. We cannot admit defeat to Omicron. We have to win this battle. And because of the Olympic and World Cup break, we don’t have any room for postponements this season. Every match played, so to speak, you win.