Interview: Many people trust Werner Schnabel


Interview: Many people trust Werner Schnabel
Werner Schnabel has a lot of experience in private life and as a lawyer and loves to share his life experience with others. Photo: Andreas Weigl Photo: Weigl, Andreas

Schweigren Werner Schnabel of Heilbronn is a lawyer, husband and father. He also gains life experience and wisdom through listening. Why is he a popular hub.

In order to have life experience, and perhaps even wisdom, one must have gone through a lot, both through good and hard times. And Werner Schnabel not only has many experiences and memories of his own: over the course of his life, many people have seen the 71-year-old lawyer who lives in Schwaigern-Niederhofen as a conversation partner, both privately and professionally – from childhood until today. How does it happen that he loves to listen and also loves to listen to others

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