International Women’s Day: This is how high the percentage of women are in science and engineering

International Women’s Day
This is how high (or low) the proportion of women in science and technology is

In Norway, the proportion of women in science and engineering is over 55 percent

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The percentage of women in science and technology in Germany is below average. Countries like Norway and Lithuania show that things could be a lot more advanced, too.

In 2019, more than 6.3 million female scientists and engineers in science and technology were employed in the European Union – about 41 percent of the total workforce in these industries. How Statista drawing According to data from Eurostat showing, the percentage varies within Europe. In countries such as Norway (55%), Lithuania (55%) and Denmark (52%), the majority are women, while in Germany, for example, the proportion is only a third. This means that the Federal Republic of Germany is well below the EU average in 2019. Luxembourg has the lowest share at around 28 per cent.

In Germany, it is noticeable that the number of female scientists and engineers working in the new federal states is much greater than in western Germany. Eurostat has the lowest percentage in Baden-Württemberg – here women make up about 28 percent of workers in science and technology.

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