July 15, 2024

International process factories announce acquisition of world-class manufacturing base …

International process factories announce acquisition of world-class manufacturing base …

International Process Plants

Princeton Junction, NJ, April 12 / PRNewswire /

International Process Factories (IPP) has announced its subsidiary Humber Industrials Ltd. Novartis has reached an agreement to acquire the UK’s 170-hectare Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing facility in Grimsby, England.

“We look forward to transforming this fully integrated API manufacturing platform with its remarkable responsiveness, site infrastructure and attractive location. We look forward to the potential that comes with redesigning and reusing this site, “said Ronald Gale, IPP’s CEO. Gale added.

Extensive, world-class API facility with 500,000 sq. Ft. Three unique process / production buildings with 900 m3 capacity 90 reaction packages, 17 centrifuges, 26 drying systems, three milling systems, ten solvent recovery systems, modern laboratories and offices, as well as a wastewater treatment plant , Steam, electricity, water, industrial gas and natural gas connections. As part of the IPP’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact by reusing passive assets, we aim to attract businesses to reuse these assets on-site and elsewhere.

“IPP was selected as the best choice for site redesign due to our experience in our award-winning Bromborough redevelopment project and other projects in the UK, such as Liverpool and Billingham. In addition to our operations in Great Britain, we have been building new industrial sites in North America for over 40 years. And we have completed dozens of projects in Continental Europe, all of which have been affected by site closures, ”said Tony Field, Managing Director, IPP Europe Economic Value for Local Communities.

Production under Novartis will run until December 2022 and will be handed over to Humber subsidiary Humber in 2023 following the cessation of operations.

Information on international process plants Since 1978, the IPP Group has grown into a global leader in manufacturing and innovation in the pharmaceutical, specialty, microchemical, industrial chemistry, petrochemical, fertilizer, power generation and polymer industries. IPP enables sustainable industrial growth through the use of existing complete plants, process systems and process equipment that are readily available at a fraction of the cost and lead time of entirely new plants. The company has 15 complete industrial sites, 110 complete plants and more than 15,000 critical equipment and systems worldwide for rehabilitation. For more information about IPP, see www.ippe.com.

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