International Politics – Biden expects an “intense competition” between the United States and China

“There is no need for conflict. But there will be intense competition,” Biden said in an interview broadcast on Sunday with CBS regarding the relationship with China. Regarding his dealings with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Biden said he would not deal with it the way his predecessor Donald Trump did. His government will focus on international rules. It was not more specific.

Trump had instigated a bitter trade war with China during his tenure. Before taking office, Biden announced that he wanted to keep the additional tariffs that Trump provided on products from China and other measures in the trade conflict for now.

When asked why he has not contacted anything since taking office, Biden said in an interview with CBS that there had been no chance for a conversation. “There is no reason not to contact.” There is a lot to talk about. Biden emphasized that during his time as Vice President Barack Obama, he had numerous talks with Xi. Biden said, “I know him well.” “He is very smart. He is very difficult.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken recently described China as the biggest challenge for US foreign policy in the next few years. The United States will have to confront China “from a position of strength.” To do so, the United States will have to work with its allies and must not leave territory for China in the international architecture. Blinken also said that Trump was right about his hard-line approach to China.


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