December 4, 2023

International diplomatic efforts to defuse the conflict in the Middle East

After Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz, Britain’s Rishi Sunak arrived in Israel. He assured Benjamin Netanyahu of his country’s solidarity, but he also wants to push for more humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Gaza.


As part of ongoing international diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in the Middle East, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arrived in Israel on Thursday.

Sunak said he wanted to show the UK’s solidarity with Israel.

During his talks with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, he is expected to push for the opening of the Rafah crossing so that aid can reach civilians in the Gaza Strip.

He is also scheduled to meet with senior Arab politicians during his two-day visit.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz informed the Bundestag of his visit to the region. Olaf Schulz called on Hamas to release the Israeli hostages it holds:

“Many of those kidnapped there, as their relatives told me, have always been the most important activists for peaceful development in the region, and that must be said here as well. We are committed to the release of the hostages.”

Schulz criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning about civilian casualties in the conflict. Regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he described the statements as “sarcastic.”

Today, Thursday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock launched a new round of crisis talks in Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. Before the trip to Jordan, she assured Israel of the “unwavering solidarity of the federal government.”

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“The fight is against Hamas, not against the Palestinian civilian population” – they are also suffering greatly, Birbock said. Too many women, men and children have already died. It is therefore important for her to make clear to the Palestinians that “we also see their suffering.”

It also wants to use the trip to promote the release of Hamas hostages, including Germans.

On the other hand, last night Russia sent a shipment of humanitarian aid to Egypt for distribution to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

Israel had previously announced that it would allow limited supplies after US President Joe Biden requested it during his recent visit.