March 3, 2024

Interactive Charts: The World’s Largest Economies Since 1980

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Who are the largest economies in the world? This question is answered by looking at the current GDP, i.e. the current economic output of countries. The USA, China and Japan currently occupy the top three places in this ranking – followed closely by Germany, the largest economy in Europe.

But it is especially exciting to look at the change. Which countries are rising, and which are lagging? Our chart clearly shows the rapid rise of China and India. India has just knocked Britain out of fifth place.

You can look at the ranking as well as the absolute values ​​of GDP – hence the distances between countries. To do this, select the corresponding tab at the top of the chart. And you can follow the path of individual states. Simply navigate to the respective country in the graph and it will be highlighted. If you want to play the graphics again, click “Reset”.

However, sheer economic strength is only one important aspect and does not speak much about prosperity. It is important to look at economic output, that is, GDP per capita. China and India are the most populous countries in the ranking. For an individual, they do not belong to the first group. not yet. Because China also began to climb in this regard.

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