July 16, 2024

Intelligent resource collection solution

Intelligent resource collection solution

From Joseph Hatik
The next Hogwarts Legacy branch of Harry Potter isn’t just about magical combat, it’s also about making potions and other things. In order to get the resources for this, the developers have found a coherent solution.

Harry Potter fans marked February 10, 2023 on their calendars: Hogwarts Legacy for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S will be released on this day, while owners of the older console generation around PS4 and Xbox One are still waiting. Be patient until April 4th. However, the Nintendo Switch will receive its port on July 25, 2023 – to make the waiting time bearable, developer studio Avalanche Software announced several details about the game in a gameplay showcase for Hogwarts Legacy.

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In addition to the unforgivable curses the player can use, the Room of Requirement has also been shown within Hogwarts Legacy

This aquarium, in turn, allows you to interact with and care for these same animals. As a result, the more comfortable they feel, the more magical ingredients will be rewarded to the player. These ingredients, in turn, can be used to create the required potions and magic items – a clever solution to collecting resources makes sense in the Harry Potter universe and, according to the developers, should also serve to create a real connection with freed animal beings.

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