Instead of Toilet Paper: The Rush for Easter Eggs in Great Britain – Jigsaw

The British stood in front of the empty chocolate egg shelves.
7 hours ago

In many places in Great Britain, there are no longer any chocolate eggs to buy.

© Fred Tanu, AFP

And retail chains confirmed this guardian High demand: The Asda supermarket sold more than double the number of Easter items compared to the previous year, while Marks & Spencer and Cadbury ran out of eggs in online stores shortly before Easter. By the Tuesday before the holiday, the British had already spent more than 50 million pounds (roughly 59 million euros) on Easter desserts, according to the report.

After months of strict communication restrictions, people in England were able to meet abroad with up to six people again for a few days. However, night visits to friends or relatives during Easter – just like sightseeing trips – are still prohibited.

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