March 1, 2024

Instagram is testing scheduled posts within the app

Instagram is testing scheduled posts within the app

Between 20 minutes and 75 days: Business accounts will soon be able to schedule content directly in the Instagram app.

The timed post is not yet live on Instagram apartment This can only be done via an external platform, for example using Instagram Creator Studios – The fact that they are both Social media It annoys marketing managers and content creators alike. Instagram creators must be very happy with this news: Instagram plans to schedule posts and maybe also screenshots directly from the app.

Instagram initially only tests scheduled posts for business accounts

Social media expert Alessandro Palozzi shared a screenshot on Twitter showing that users will soon be able to schedule posts under Advanced and Scheduling by clicking on the “Schedule this post” field. He adds in a comment that the functionality is currently only being developed for business users, but could also be available to creators and “regular” users in the future.

This is how long you can plan content on Instagram in advance

Another screenshot is attached to Paluzzi’s Twitter thread, which indicates that in the future, not only posts but also reels can be mapped directly into the app. Here, the reverse engineer also indicates the potential period in which content can be planned in advance: Creators must be able to schedule their contributions between 20 minutes and 75 days. In a comment on this, he adds that these times currently refer only to posts and not to reels.

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User reactions are cheerful and range from “This is amazing” to “Game-changer” to “Finally!!! 🙏”.

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