October 4, 2023

Ingolstadt: Celebrations on Campus: Science, Art and Fun at THI

Ingolstadt: Celebrations on Campus: Science, Art and Fun at THI

The Technical University celebrates on its campus in Ingolstadt. The cuddly bear is aided by artificial intelligence and the city theater is shown at Carissma.

The Festival of Excellence awaits guests on the campus of the Technical University of Ingolstadt on Friday 24 June. It starts at 3 pm. From this point on, there will be a fireworks display of a total of 90 different elements of the programme, divided into three categories: SCIENCE ON (Science for All), ART ON (art from various dance performances to video and light art to the premiere of Stadttheater Ingolstadt) and finally Party ON, a big party on the campus lawn: DJs WAMAS, Robvee and Flomat_B, a light show and video art that will rock the campus.

Campus Festival coordinators Antje Läsker-Rehtanz and Petra Quenzler as well as Head of University Communications Severin Mantel-Lehrer and Professor Matthias Eckert (from left) look forward to the Campus Festival on June 24.

Photo: Manfred Dettenhofer

Visitors can learn about the Technical University of Ingolstadt

“Now it is finally possible again, which is why we want to invite all the residents of Ingolstadt and people from the whole region to learn about the technical university,” explained Professor Walter Schober, President of THI. The president added that the program appeals to all age groups, especially families.

A rich program for children and families is presented at the THI Campus Festival. In addition to the Children’s Cinema and Children’s University, Professor Matthias Eckert would like to help the ailing campus bear THIlo with the support of children.

Photo: Manfred Dettenhofer

THI has a children’s program

Professor Matthias Eckert, Senior Professor of Medicine at THI, also presented the program especially for children at the announcement press conference. Under the motto “Oh my God, the bear’s leg hurts,” children can help diagnose the condition of the “THIlo” bear. How about the mascot leg on campus? First, x-rays are taken, then the latest medical technology and artificial intelligence are used to help the campus festival mascot. Just one example of how science is presented in an entertaining and understandable way for all age groups.

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There are cars and electric rickshaws on the THI campus

There is also an opportunity to experience multimodal mobility on campus – mobility in which you don’t use just one mode of transportation. From Audi e-tron to auto rickshaws to e-scooters, there are many modes of transport available for different distances. And don’t forget that the feet are also a means of locomotion.

These are just two examples of a total of 90 different offerings. TH Ingolstadt would like to introduce itself to people. Prof. Schober says that everyone is invited to spend some interesting, exciting and fun hours on campus. “We would be happy if many people in the area accepted our invitation and celebrated with us.”

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Stadttheater Ingolstadt plays in the Carissma building

Stadttheater Ingolstadt offers a special treat at the festival. The play “I Was Human” was shown for the first time at the Karisma Experimental Building. In addition to the first show at 6.30pm, a second event will take place on Friday at 8.30pm. And on Saturday, June 25, an additional event at 6.30pm will give those interested the chance to see the play. Admission is free, but you need to secure a free ticket in advance through advance ticket sales at the theater. 160 spectators are allowed per event. And as Chief Chopper revealed, the play should interact with visitors.

There is a beer garden in the THI . canteen

Numerous food trucks and food stalls provide for the physical well-being of visitors. But the canteen also offers tastings with a Bavarian band in its beer garden. The road to bicycle parking spaces will be directly marked in the THI building. Motorists can use the three public underground car parks and the exhibition grounds in the immediate vicinity of THI.

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All information and the complete program can be found online at www.thi.de/on. Program items suitable for family and children are highlighted with a smile.