INFODIGITAL – BBC celebrates its centenary

The BBC is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. At the beginning of the anniversary, many online exhibitions, such as the exhibition Deutschland Funk mentioned. on the site “BBC 100“At the beginning of January 2022, the combinations of things, characters and voices that have shaped the decades since the founding of the BBC in October 1922 are invigorated.

Famous props gallery

Exhibits include vintage microphones, props from popular BBC series, such as Detective Chief Sherlock Holmes’ Coat from the “Sherlock” series, as well as excerpts from historical radio broadcasts. For example, one can hear the plea of ​​the future French President General Charles de Gaulle from his English exile in 1940 to his countrymen to resist the German occupiers. In cooperation with the Science Museum collection, physical exhibitions will also be featured in many museums.

Screenshot One The timeline presents a selection of the most popular BBC programmes An overview of some of the many milestones that have shaped the company over the years, including the launch of the first BBC radio station in 1922: After the closure of many amateur radio stations, the BBC launched the first daily radio service in London. The news was reported by an agency after a long controversy, and musical dramas and “talks” fill the airwaves for a few hours a day. It wasn’t long before the radio was heard across the country.

Access blocked due to geo-blocking outside the UK ( screenshot) „This content is not currently available on this device. Please try again later.”

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Much of the animation on private pages, like most BBC video content, is only accessible to interested users within the UK, as the content is geo-blocked outside the UK.

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