July 12, 2024

India: This friendship between man and birds touches countless hearts

India: This friendship between man and birds touches countless hearts


This friendship between man and birds touches countless hearts

An online petition has been launched in India to bring two special friends back together. These are farmers and an endangered crane.


Farmer Mohamed Arif found a SARS-infected crane in India and nursed her back to health. Since then there has been a deep connection between the two.

France Press agency

  • The friendship between the farmer and the crane is currently affecting the Indian people.

  • He found Birdman injured and then nursed him back to health, which is where this special bond formed.

  • The crane is currently in a quarantine cage, which has been seized by the authorities. Thousands of people are calling for his release.

There is an unusual friendship between a farmer and a crane he rescued in India wave of sympathy Triggered: In an online petition, nearly 4,000 people have called for the release of the bird, which was captured by authorities and is now in a zoo. The text reads, “Is it a crime to make friends with people?”

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Farmer Muhammad Aref found the cockroach crane and nursed it back to health. Since then, the two have been inseparable. After a few weeks, Arif released his stepson. But the animal I stayed close From Aref’s house, he would sometimes follow the rescuer’s every step and eat from his hand.

300,000 followers on Instagram

“The bird stayed with its family during the day and returned to us in the evening. “He used to come in the afternoon when he was hungry and would wait outside our door,” Aref told AFP on Thursday. Videos of the bird and its friend have gone viral on the internet. Almost 300,000 followers follow the two on Instagram.

But the friendship was cut short last month when authorities seized the crane and placed it in a zoo about a four-hour drive from Arif’s hometown. Since then he has been sitting in a cramped quarantine cage. Media reports of the bird’s plight have now generated an outpouring of sympathy from the Indian public.

“He will come back to me”

Online footage of Arif’s visit to the zoo earlier in the week shows their emotional reunion, with the bird flapping its wings and bouncing up and down excitedly. Arif now hopes the petition will succeed. If it were up to him, Arif said, his “karin” should be released either in the forest or in a bird sanctuary. But he was also sure that the bird would return to him: “The moment they let him go, he will return to me.”

Sarus cranes belong to the purple-necked cranes. The international umbrella organization for environmental protection (IUCN) classifies the species as “endangered”. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), there are fewer than 20,000 specimens in India.

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