May 22, 2024

Incidents at airports: A rare seven in the US – since the start of the year alone

In the past few weeks, there has been a strange series of near-missings in the United States. It warns experts. Cases at a Glance.

The acting chairman of the United States Civil Aviation Authority is trying to keep calm. “Can I tell the American people that we are safe? The answer is that we are,” Billy Nolan said at a recent Senate hearing. But he added: “If the question is: Can we be better? Then the answer: Absolutely!ยป

Nolan says we are working on it. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in mid-February that it would “examine the structure, culture, processes, systems and coordination of safety efforts within the US aviation system.” She wants to decide soon whether additional measures are needed. A strange accumulation of triggering events.

Abnormal accumulation in a short period of time

Some have made headlines around the world. Others, such as the magazine’s rating, were previously unknown Good luck revealed. Since the beginning of the year alone, no less than seven have been missed at US airports. Fortunately, nothing happened. But experts are still cautious because the accumulation in such a short period of time is unusual. But where and when did it happen?

Boston, February 27: Embraer E190 by JetBlue and Learjet

A preliminary investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration indicated that shortly before 7 p.m. local time, air traffic control instructed the crew of the private Learjet to go to Runway 9 and wait. At the same time, a JetBlue Embraer E190 was approaching Runway 4R, which intersects Runway 9. The Learjet crew clearly repeated the instructions, but proceeded to take off anyway. The Jetblue crew reacted and began boarding.

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Burbank, February 22: SkyWest’s Embraer E175 and Mesa’s Bombardier CRJ 900

The cockpit crew of a Mesa Airlines Bombardier CRJ 900 received clearance from air traffic control to land on Runway 33 at a California airport. At the same time, Skywest cleared the Embraer E175 to take off from the runway. However, the flight crew aborted the landing as the landing aircraft sounded a collision warning.

Austin, Feb. 4: Southwest Boeing 737 and FedEx Boeing 767F

Minutes after the Fedex Express Boeing 767F landed on runway 18L, a Southwest Boeing 737-700 took off on runway 18L. Air traffic control informed the cockpit crew about other aircraft. As the Boeing 767 pierced the blanket of fog, the crew and the control tower sensed a potential collision. However, the Boeing 737 could not be stopped from taking off. The Boeing 767F took off and flew on the start jet.

Honolulu, January 23: United Boeing 777 and Kamaka Air Cessna 208B

United’s Boeing 777-200 lands on runway 4R. The tower instructed the cockpit crew to stop on taxiway K and not to taxi to runway 4L. A Cessna 208B from Kamaka Air had just landed there.

NEW YORK-JFK, February 27: Delta Boeing 737 and American Airlines Boeing 777

462 meters separated the two planes in a very delicate moment. A Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900 begins its takeoff at New York-JFK Airport. An American Airlines Boeing 777-200 overturned on the runway. At the last minute, the control tower instructed the Delta flight crew to abort takeoff.”

BALTIMORE, JANUARY 12: Boeing 737 and vehicle

A vehicle was on the rescue route. Air traffic control cleared him to cross runway 10, but told him to stop short of runway 15R. The driver mistakenly confirmed and announced that he was crossing runway 15 R. The control tower did not notice the error, so the car rolled onto the runway where the Boeing 737 had taken off. At the most delicate moment, 50 meters separated the vehicle and the plane, which was already traveling at a speed of 270 kilometers per hour.

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Santa Barbara, January 9: Boeing 737 and vehicle

A vehicle was conducting a test on Runway 7. At the same time, air traffic control cleared a Boeing 737 to land there. At the last moment, the cockpit crew was instructed to go. The jet flew over the vehicle at a distance of 30 to 60 meters.