July 15, 2024

In their father’s footsteps: the Hofverberg children are active in Eispiraten Crimmitschau

In their father’s footsteps: the Hofverberg children are active in Eispiraten Crimmitschau

Kremchau. Eispiraten Crehtschau wants to go ahead with their DEL2 play-off matches on Friday against Ravensburg and Sunday in Dresden. They were also noted by the Hoverberg family. Papa Esbjörn spent the peak of his career with West Saxons, his children now play in his offspring and he might one day follow in his footsteps.


The Hofverberg name is ubiquitous in ice hockey Germany, and especially in Crimmitschau. Esbjörn Hofverberg was a cult player with the Ice Pirates and at the age of 50 he was still playing in the First Division with Leipzig. His two children, Aiden and Chanel, are active at ETC Crimmitschau and have big goals. We talked to the Hoverberg family, who is obsessed with ice hockey.

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Esbjörn’s story “Esa” Hofverberg is almost unbelievable. In 1970 the German-Swedish was born into the Korean spirit. In 1996 he came to Germany for the first time to play ice hockey. After working at Grefrath and Herford, the 1.66m “young” technician moved to Crimmitschau. He immediately became a fan favorite, playing 338 second division matches in five years, scoring 34 goals and 94 assists. “I have fond memories of my time at ETC. The feeling of playing my derby in front of more than 6,500 fans is wonderful,” Issa recalls his first term in office.

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Never give up

After stops in Leipzig, Weeden and Chemnitz, the left-hand shooter returned to the top in 2012. ”Time with The Ice Pirates were something special. The feeling of being able to play again here in Sahnpark was great, and we also had three NHL players on our team during this time – which is very important, ”says Hoferberg.“ Being able to play in Crimmitschau again after so many years made me very happy. . I would also like to thank Ronnie Bauer (Team Manager) for this. “

The Korean has been playing in Leipzig for over seven years and he’s still pretty cool there – despite his age. “Dad has seen a lot in his career, celebrated some successes and always had a great time. Although he got injured often, he always fought on the way back and never gave up. I hope, like the crowd, that He’s playing for a few more years. ”Chanel’s daughter also agrees:“ I am very proud of him and find his performance to be more than amazing. Eden and I have learned a lot from Papa. “

Attack preference

Both Chanel (16) and Eden (15) contracted the ice hockey virus early on. “It’s always a special feeling to be on the ice,” says Eden, who dreams a lot. “I want to go far, and at best I turn my greatest hobby into a job. Maybe she will work with a career in the NHL and in the national team. That would be an absolute dream.” Says the young striker. , Who can really catch a glimpse of some of the individual and group successes, “There’s still a lot of work ahead of me.

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Just like Eden, his sister feels comfortable when attacked. She is particularly intrigued by the solidarity within the team and the response of the world’s fastest team sport. “My goal is to keep improving so that I can play in the women’s national team at some point,” says Chanel.

She especially remembers the turbulent weeks at the start of 2020. At that time, I participated in the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne. “It was especially exciting to be able to participate in a 3v3 tournament. My team included players from different countries like France, Argentina, Great Britain and South Korea. I miss the girls so much, but we often talk to each other.”

Thanks to our donors and supporters

Papa Esborn, who now also works as a golf coach and lives with his family in Kremycho, is proud of his children’s careers. “Chanel and Eden have been with us for a long time and can develop both sportively and personally. I think it’s great to have the opportunity to play ice hockey at ETC Crimmitschau,” says the former crowd, who keeps his fingers crossed for ETC during his “Pro of Tomorrow” crowdfunding campaign. “.

“I think the work that is being done here at the site is very good and without donations and subsidies, it will not be possible for children to play ice hockey here. One can only thank all the donors and supporters,” Hooverberg said.

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After all, his kids also benefit from the good work with the guys on Crimmitschau. Chanel and Eden could also benefit their dad, who has already seen so much in the world of ice hockey, as a great idol and is always there with tips and tricks on his way to a great career.