April 13, 2024

In the footsteps of Stronach: brought Edstadler to Canada

In the footsteps of Stronach: brought Edstadler to Canada

Looking for trade, gas and friends: European Minister Caroline Edstadler was in Ottawa to mark the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Austria and Canada. She promised a strong Atlantic ball.

Diplomatic relations between Austria and Canada date back 70 years. For Caroline Edstadler, Austria’s Union Minister for the European Union and the Constitution, this is an opportunity for a short visit to Toronto and Ottawa. “With their global challenges, it is important to strengthen bilateral relations between Europe, Austria and Canada,” the minister told the Press in Ottawa.

Official Austro-Canadian relations date back to 1855, before Canada was established in 1867. At the time, Austria “opened an honorary embassy in Halifax in the then British colony of Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia) to define Austria’s maritime interests.” In 1949 a consulate was opened in Ottawa. In 1952, the Council of Ministers decided to establish the first diplomatic representation in Ottawa, thus establishing diplomatic relations with Canada.

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