May 21, 2024

In The Edge Pack update and information on plans for further development

(MST / – As previously announced, Wednesday, April 5, 2023 is for PC racing simulator RaceRoom The On The Edge Pack expansion has been released. Currently discounted at €7.48, this is the add-on different shots And trailer It can be purchased in the RaceRoom Store.

KW Studios brings new GT4 racing cars and has worked on comprehensive driving physics

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With the McLaren 570S GT4, KTM X-Bow GT2/GTX and Mazda RT24-P DPI, simracers get three cars designed to push their limits. There are two variants of the KTM X-Bow, GT2 and GTX, so there are basically four cars.

Prior to the release of the new vehicles, an update was released that includes updated driving physics for the GT2 and GT4 classes, provides a more even balance of power, and includes new base vehicle settings for all GT4 racers, improving overall drivability rather than individual driving dominance More pre-defined and includes updates to braking physics .

The update brings a more realistic driving experience with GT2 and GT4 racing cars


The developers have invested a lot of time and effort to make the driving behavior as realistic as possible Zoom in

In that vein, the development team explains that a lot of time was spent making the suspension kinematics as accurate as possible, right down to the point where the wishbones connect to the chassis and wheels, brake discs, calipers and brake linings. The cars perfectly match the real models.

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“We believe we have proven the GT2 and GT4 cars well and will apply the same logic to other cars through further updates,” the company said.

A new game content delivery strategy

Like other development studios before it, RaceRoom is now moving into a regular release cycle for game content. Theme packs will be released quarterly. Among that there will be versions of cars or single tracks.

“After On The Edge, you will get your first release of these points in six weeks, which we think will be a great addition to our GT3 lineup, followed by the release of a rather epic package at the end of the second quarter – around June.” RaceRoom fans are curious. little bit.

More plans for 2023 are due to be announced “soon,” and, as always, regular updates on physics and general development will be posted.