July 16, 2024

In the beginning of Great Britain |  Jewish general

In the beginning of Great Britain | Jewish general

For her, this is the biggest show in the world: “I don’t think it’s going to get any bigger than that,” said young Kentish Town interpreter May Mueller of the BBC’s London club when she was chosen as the UK’s voice for Eurovision. competition. With the competition taking place in Liverpool rather than Kiev, the 25-year-old will be performing in front of a home crowd.

The BBC particularly emphasized Mueller’s positive charisma. Her song “I Wrote a Song” is a personal account with an ex-lover. “I was really mad at this guy and wanted to do something crazy like burn down a house, but instead I held my nerve and wrote a song,” she said of it on TikTok.

Two years ago, she hit the top ten in America with the pop single “Better Days,” and two years earlier she toured with British girl group Little Mix and Cat Burns. Mueller is said to have signed her first music contract while still working in a London pub.

Travel Mae Mueller became known through a song she wrote on a train trip and uploaded it to the Internet. Even then she sang about her ex-lover, and has been composing since she was eight years old. At the age of 10, in 2007, she appeared in a music video for the international top ten singer Mika “Grace Kelly”. Mueller studied, among other things, at the College of Fine Arts in the London borough of Hampstead. Her role model was Gwen Stefani for a long time. Other influences were Florence + The Machine and London singer Lily Allen and Prince.

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British Jewish weekly newspapers Jewish News and Jewish Chronicle celebrate Müller as an artist from a Jewish family background. She appeared as such in an Instagram post and later tweet in July 2020, responding to anti-Semitic remarks by performer Dirt Wiley and writing a message of solidarity with her Jewish fans. “I love you. There is no place in our world for anti-Semitism.

I am proud of my Jewish roots, and you should be, too. She indicated that her grandfather fled from Nazi Germany when he was twelve years old.

If she didn’t make it to the Eurovision Song Contest, she already has a backup career: last year she starred in a thriller.