December 8, 2023

In Europe, the sweltering heat is already here

In Europe, the sweltering heat is already here

The weather is getting hot in Europe. In many countries, weather services warn of high temperatures – sometimes even more than 40 degrees.

The basics in brief

  • All of Europe is sweating: there are extreme heat waves in many countries.
  • Expected temperatures reach 38 degrees in France, and up to 46 degrees in Portugal.
  • Climate change is causing more and more intense heat waves.

In the coming days, Switzerland will be hit by a heat wave: higher temperatures are expected up to 40 degrees. But it is not only hot in this country – the sunny weather makes all of Europe sweat.

Particularly affected: Spain and Portugal. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the heat there will intensify and spread.

In Spain’s popular holiday destination, it gets particularly busy Thursday and Friday are very hot, like The weather service warns. The thermometer in Mallorca has already risen to 38 degrees – in Madrid up to 42 degrees. Temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees in some cases.

The situation in Spain “hell”

44 degrees – This is what the Spanish weather service described as “extremely dangerous”. Affected areas are highlighted in red on the weather map.

In the parts of Spain marked in orange, hot weather is still considered an “important hazard”. Temperatures there are expected to reach 43 degrees.

The Spanish newspaper “El Pais” described the situation as “hell”. “It’s really outrageous!” It quoted a Meteorological Service employee as saying. It is expected to be one of the longest since records began in 1975.

But the weather is getting hotter: In Portugal, the weather service reports temperatures between 33 and 46 degrees. There’s a heat warning for the whole country, on it There is a danger of forest fires. In Lisbon it was already 42 degrees.

Hot weather in Great Britain

The sun is also shining over Great Britain. The British Met Office has issued a ‘Severe Temperature Warning’.

Temperatures are expected to reach 35 degrees in parts of the country on Sunday and Monday. It’s supposed to stay hot for the next week.

The weather service wrote that “unusually high temperatures are possible both day and night.” Most of Great Britain and Wales are affected. Up to 28 degrees were measured in London today.

Glowing Europe – are you on a beach vacation now?

France is also facing an unusual heat wave. The temperature in Paris today is 36 degrees, and in the southwest of the country it reaches 38 degrees. And people are also sweating in Italy: today the temperature in the capital, Rome, has reached 34 degrees.

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