June 14, 2024

In 2021, more champagnes were bought from around the world than ever before

In 2021, more champagnes were bought from around the world than ever before

Although many bars and restaurants are closed due to the pandemic, champagne homes can look forward to new record sales.

Last year, more champagne was bought worldwide than ever before – even though a slew of bars and restaurants were temporarily closed. Champagne houses and winemakers are happy. It was also a “welcome surprise” for her. New records were set in both sales and exports. The Comité Champagne trade association, which represents 16,000 winemakers and more than 300 champagne houses, said on Wednesday that France alone exported 180 million bottles of champagne last year. This is a 38 percent increase compared to 2020.

Global sales of champagne – which also set a record – reached 5.5 million euros in 2021. Comité Champagne suspects behind the increase that people simply found more reasons to celebrate in their homes. Primarily to compensate for the depressed mood.

More home consumption

The retail group explains: “Since tourism and events are still declining due to the crisis, it can be assumed that home consumption will compensate for the stagnation,” adding: “Consumers have preferred to have fun at home and in general to make up for the dreary mood with new moments of coexistence and exchange.”

Detailed export data has not been published yet. In 2020, the United Kingdom and the United States were considered the most important overseas markets for champagne. It concluded that after the low figure in 2020 and the subsequent rise, despite difficult weather conditions in 2021, one now hopes for a stable growth cycle.

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