December 7, 2023

Impeachment of Trump - Biden's Comments on Results - Politics

Impeachment of Trump – Biden’s Comments on Results – Politics

After Donald Trump was acquitted of the impeachment measures, US President Joe Biden classified the storming of the Capitol building as “a sad chapter in our history.” “Even if the last vote did not result in an indictment, the substance of the allegations is indisputable,” he said late Saturday evening from the White House. Biden explained. 57 senators found former President Trump guilty of “inciting a deadly revolution against our democracy.”

Biden looked at the presidential elections questioned by Trump and the events that followed, which led to the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6, killing seven. Events have shown that democracy is fragile and must always be defended. Now this conflict must end and heal the nation’s soul. Biden warned that “this is the task ahead of us, which we must deal with together.” Like the United States of America – underlined “United.”

The US Senate acquitted Trump of “inciting riot” in the impeachment proceedings. A majority of 57 senators – 50 Democrats and seven Republicans – voted to convict a Republican Saturday, but missed the two-thirds majority of 67 votes needed to convict the Senate.

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“Day of shame”

The leader of the Democratic Senate majority, Chuck Schumer, has strongly criticized the acquittal. “January 6th will be a day of shame in the history of the United States of America. Failure to convict Donald Trump will go down in the history of the US Senate as a disgrace.”

Schumer said that instigating the attack on Congress was “the most despicable act a president has ever committed.” However, the majority of Republicans could not muster the courage to condemn this act. “My fellow Americans, remember that day, January 6th, forever. The last terrible legacy of the 45th President of the United States – and the worst, without a doubt.” House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke of a “cowardly group of Republicans” against the backdrop of the acquittal.

Trump talks about witch hunt

Senator Bensasi, one of the seven Republican opponents, clarified his vote by saying that Trump’s lies about the November election result were in violation of the oath of office. On the other hand, Republican Minority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, defended the behavior of his colleagues in the party.

In his view, former President Donald Trump was morally responsible for his supporters’ storming of the Capitol. Trump instigated it for weeks with lies about his alleged election victory. He “orchestrated” the break-in and “shamefully” violated his duties as president. However, McConnell voted against Trump’s impeachment conviction because he deemed the process unconstitutional after Trump’s term in office.

Trump himself was happy and used his acquittal to declare that his political movement was in its infancy. He described the measures against him as a “witch hunt”, and the Republican said, “Our historical, patriotic and beautiful movement to make America great again has just begun.” “There was no such thing!” Trump thanked the Republican senators for their acquittal. The Democrats tried to undermine the rule of law.

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