July 12, 2024

Ikea accidentally leaked new Symfonisk photo frames

Ikea accidentally leaked new Symfonisk photo frames

Ikea plans to expand its Symfonisk series with a WiFi speaker in the picture frame. The product was seen briefly in the online store – even before the announcement.

The basics in brief

  • In cooperation with Sonos, Ikea is planning a picture frame WiFi speaker in the Symfonisk series.
  • This was inadvertently posted on the US web store prior to the announcement.
  • The page is no longer available, but the technical details are now known.

In April, the first rumors of IKEA appeared Their Symfonisk series wants to expand. In addition to the WiFi speaker off the shelf, a picture frame WiFi speaker is now slated to be planned with Sonos. In the US web store, the product was suddenly shown with pictures and technical details. According to McLife, the site is no longer available.

Although the Swedish furniture manufacturer’s website has been deleted, some have managed to data It can be extracted through the product. The picture frame is made of plastic, polyester and silicone, and the built-in speaker is included. This can also be included in a file Existing Sonos Systems be integrated. The tire is said to be 199 USdollar costs.

Availability still unknown غير

You can switch between different designs by switching fronts. However, it is still not clear what decorations are available. However, this Symfonisk lineup will also be available in black or white. The picture frame dimensions are apparently 40cm x 55cm x 5cm.

However, it is not yet known when the product will be available Official Announcement still pending.

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