December 10, 2023

If there isn’t a second motivational check on your next relief bill, you can still benefit

Many economic support programs will end by the end of the year without assistance from Congress.

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Congress returns to Washington this week, and as it returns to Capitol Hill, an increasing number of Democratic and Republican leaders are pushing for Short Term Relief Package To help families throughDark winter“From the high incidence of Coronavirus and the continuing economic difficulties predicted by President-elect Joe Biden. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that the United States may reach The death toll reached more than 320,000 by mid-December.

One option is for Congress to pass a smaller bill than the Democrats supported, a bill that spans some of the more important programs. It is due to expire at the end of the year And leaves Examine the second economic incentives. The idea here may be that Congress may return to discussions of a broader package after the Biden administration takes office In January. 20.

But months later Controversy And the urge And the Are talkingAnd the Senate and House of Representatives to a few days to reach an agreement before the end of the year. On Friday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced A. Window for the next two weeks His room would have to put details around The beleaguered COVID-19 relief billSpecifically, from December 2 to the early week of December 7.

But there is A second incentive payment is not a guarantee. (And the Pay can bring you Less Money than beforeIt proposes liabilities Another direct push It may not be necessary, since a The upcoming COVID-19 vaccine It indicates the return to work and the type of spending that moves the economy. Not everyone will get the vaccine at the same timeHowever, the wider distribution in mid-2021 is still far from the months.

Earlier this week, a group of 127 economists pulled up Sign an open letter (PDF) Urging A. The second stimulus checked quicklyA fair and efficient way to “get families and the economy back on the right track”. But after months of stimulus verification talks, what does that mean if other conversations No Come? We’ve looked at what other benefits a new stimulus package can provide for you, even without another $ 1,200 per eligible adult. This story is regularly updated with new information.

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The following stimulus checks: What to expect


A smaller bill could bring in more money to help federal unemployment

The CARES Act In March authorized An additional $ 600 per week In unemployment funds for unemployed individuals. When this program ran out in July, President Donald Trump signed executive action That extended payments through the end of the year by an additional $ 300 a week, until December 31 or until state runs out of funds. With th Total number of unemployed workers The government this month, claiming benefits of up to 20 million, said that renewing federal unemployment assistance could directly help millions of people pay rent, food and other necessities.

Small business money to meet workers’ salaries

The Payroll Protection Program, also part of CARES, is designed to help keep workers employed by offering cancellable loans to small businesses for the purpose of paying wages. This means that people who work for small businesses should be more likely to keep their jobs because the employer can get extra money to help keep workers on the books.

While Recent studies Salary program proposal It was not effective As it could have been – with many companies using loans at unpaid expenditures and building savings, according to The University of Chicago Study Both Republicans and Democrats have pressed for a renewal of the program targeting the small businesses worst hit.


Federal labor wage support is set to run out as the disagreement between Democrats and Republicans continues.

Sarah Teo / Cnet

Tenant protection that stops evictions

CARES included a 120-day period Stop evicting tenants who are late in rent. Trump renewed the freeze until December 31. With A recent census study in the United States Finding that one in five tenants did not default on their rents during the pandemic, the lack of safeguards could be disastrous for American households and could be exacerbated by Anticipated increase in personal bankruptcy.

With Congress running past Thanksgiving and the December 11 deadline to approve a new federal budget, lawmakers will have to act quickly to approve a short-term reform before the new year.

Until then, here’s what we know about the condition Negotiations on another economic rescue billWhat could it be Make an agreement And the The disappearance of five benefits Unless Congress takes action before the end of the year.

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