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If a vacationer in Great Britain receives "five counties", can he look forward to ...?

If a vacationer in Great Britain receives “five counties”, can he look forward to …?


January 17 2022 – 7:51 pm hour

If a vacationer in Great Britain receives “five counties”, can he look forward to …?

This question was asked to Ivan Bolgan in the current issue of “Top of the Competition of Giants”: If a vacationer in Great Britain received “five provinces”, could he look forward to …? The correct answer: b) Five types of multi-layer cheese.

This is how “Summit of the Quiz Giants” with Günther Jauch & Co works on RTL

For the first time, the most successful contest masters are guests together at a new TV event on RTL: star moderators Günther Jauch from “Who want to be aillionaire”, Johannes B. Kerner from “ZDF Quiz Champion” and Guido Cantz from “Quizz Dich auf 1” They appear together for the first time and play against the pre-examination candidates.

The three-star intermediates compete against the best candidates for the exam in Germany in the “Summit of the Quiz Giants”. There are winners of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, “The Smartest German”, “ZDF Quiz Champion”, “I know everything”, “Asked – Hunted”, “Save the Million”, “Quiz Duel” and many more. Actress Balina Roginsky will supervise the events of the competition.

“Summit of the Quiz Giants” is played in three rounds. Not only do teams have to answer knowledge questions from categories such as “Sports”, “Geography”, “Useless Knowledge” or “Film and Television”, in the round a game of endurance, skill or focus is also required. Who can win and win the Grand Final? If the contenders win, they can get the amount earned. If the contest masters win, the money goes to the jackpot for the next edition of the Summit of the Quiz Giants.

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“Summit of the Quiz Giants” can be watched in parallel with the TV broadcast in RTL live broadcast on RTL+.